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see you later, alligator.

in a while, crocodile.

just another girl, alone at the bar. ♥
2 August 1989
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i should have given you a reason to stay ;

name: jessica

alter ego: xbrokenglass

location: ktown, ontario

d.o.b.: august 2nd

journal: locked.

layout by: milou_veronica

& one day we will die
& our ashes will fly
from the aeroplane over the sea
but for now we are young
let us lay in the sun
& count every beautiful thing we can see.

do i attract you? do i repulse you with my queasy smile? am i too dirty? am i too flirty? do i like what you like? i could be wholesome, i could be loathsome. i guess i'm a little bit shy. why don't you like me? why don't you like me without making me try?

by aliice.