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just another girl, alone at the bar. ♥
15 May 2015 @ 06:16 pm
friends only.

comment to be added.

just another girl, alone at the bar. ♥
13 October 2009 @ 02:37 am

wanted to blog about all my favourite things. nothing personal. check it out.
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just another girl, alone at the bar. ♥
14 February 2007 @ 11:20 pm
Oh, I'm boored. And it's almost 11:30, so I should be heading to bed soon buut.. I slept in pretty late (TWO!! *blushes*) So, I can't. What to do? What to do?

And then it came to me.. PICSPAM! Because those are srsly always fun <3

There is no rhyme or reason to this spam, it just is. ♥

With appearences by: Phil, Rense, Andy, Owen, Per, Timo, Arne, Volzy, Schweini, Poldi, Hitz, Van Buyten, van Bommel, etc. ♥ Enjoy!

PS; I have an odd amount of pics on my computer named 'OMG' and 'aww.' I think that might make me a fangirl.. :) Also, probably not dial-up safe. ♥

So, without further ado..

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spammy goodness under here.Collapse )

Okay, the end! Goodnight. It's definitely 1 am now. I need a life.

Also, these pics are from all around LJ, and other websites like sexy soccer. If any of these shots are not supposed to be used, just let me know and I'll remove. I mean no offence to anyone. Plz don't hotlink them, either. <3

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just another girl, alone at the bar. ♥
Okay. OMG. How's it going? Went to the university fair today, got all the books. Also went shopping, bought some clothes and the 442 with Volzy in it. ♥

I HAVE A QUESTION. Pretty much mostly for people from Germany. HAS ANYONE HEARD OF/SEEN/OWN USELESS MAGAZINE? Because the newest issue of it (#4) has the Lahmgreaves pics, the ones from Player Magazine [HERE], BUT EVEN MORE OF THEM. There are ones of them together I hadn't seen, plus SHIRTLESS OWEN. OMG, it's amazing. I shall post the spread for you (you can see it online here but I'm posting it anyways, cause it's GORGEOUS. God, I need this. :P It's in New York, apparently, though.) Anyways, the pics aren't the greatest, but you can see how cool it is.

Okay, so under the cut, the VERY VERY PRETTY LAHMGREAVES.

YAYAY PRETTY. ♥Collapse )

GUH. Isn't it pretty?

I swear, I'm going to drag Canada over so it's next to Germany. That would be much more convienient :P

Okay, goodnight lovelies. ♥
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just another girl, alone at the bar. ♥
28 September 2006 @ 05:44 pm
0-2. OH YEAH. WE WON. ♥ I know you know already, but still A-W-E-S-O-M-E! And go Prinz Poldi for scoring within 2 minutes of being on the pitch. :D:D I'm happy happy happy.

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Whee. Prinz Poldi knows Kung Fu.

Ha. My weekend starts now as well, as Friday is a P.A. day. Tommorow is the University fair and then Saturday off. I have to work on Sunday, but oh well.

Anyways, I HAVE A PICSPAM FOR YOU. YAY. I'm super happy about beating Inter, so YOU GET A PICSPAM OF RANDOMNESS. It's just mostly the national team/Bayern but there are others. FUN FOR EVERYONE. :D Be happy.

[Probably not so dial-up safe]

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MORE MORE MORE. ♥Collapse )


Man, picspams are funn. HOPE YOU LIKED.
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just another girl, alone at the bar. ♥
29 August 2006 @ 06:45 pm
Because I promised, my Owen Hargreaves is a model picspam. It's not as good (or nearly as long!) as my Lahmi spam, but I just found these pictures and thought they were pretty. Plus, Owen is Canadian so he gets to have some love on my journal. I apologize if you've seen them all before, but anyways. Here we go.

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Prettier pictures under here. ♥Collapse )

Okay, that's all for Owen Hargreaves. Hope you enjoyed, even if you'd seen them all or whatever.

Now, because I'm still bored, I found a few more to post: Per Mertesacker, Philipp Lahm, Michael Rensing, Andreas Ottl, Hasan Salihamidzic, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Michael Ballack, Roy Makaay, Lucio, Ali Karimi, Martin Demichelis, Bixente Lizarazu, and Claudio Pizarro. Just like a picture or two of each.


Pictures from: here, here and here.


SO, I just found these two cute vids of Lahmi playing pool on YouTube. If you've seen them, sorry, but I hadn't and they're cute. He looks like he's relaxed and having fun in the interview, and I think I could figure out what they were talking about from the one section (favourite colour - blue, idol - paolo maldini, fave artist - joss stone, fave subject - math, worst subject - german, fave food - something to do with sauerkraut, didn't get the rest of it.) Anyone want to tell me what they are talking about in the interview? *puppy dog eyes* ♥♥♥

Anyways, the links.. part one and part two.

Okay, goodnight.
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just another girl, alone at the bar. ♥
25 August 2006 @ 05:37 pm
Oh, god. I really don't know what I've gotten myself in to. Part three now. This one should be shorter, it's almost done.

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THE END. ♥ Hope you liked it.
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just another girl, alone at the bar. ♥
25 August 2006 @ 04:43 pm
Okay, part two of my picspam of doom. Also, not dail-up safe. If you have any pics to share, please comment with them. I love new pics. So, without further ado..

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Okay, wow. This thing has a lot of pics. I hope I haven't killed your computers (or your brains, which is more likely.) I'm going to put the rest in another entry..
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just another girl, alone at the bar. ♥
25 August 2006 @ 01:24 pm
I'm bored today, so for all of your enjoyment, I'm going to do a EVERYBODY LOVES PHILIPP picspam. I should probably get a life, or something, but this sounds like fun. NOT DIAL-UP SAFE. ♥

Apologies that some have watermarks. I'm sure you've seen most of them before, but it's fun to drool over look at them again.

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Okay, this is reeaally long now. I will continue the rest in the next post. Enjoy! Hope I kept you amused.
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